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Four Simple Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Are your employees excited to come to work every day, or are they dragging their feet? Your employees play an integral role in the success or failure of your business. A happy employee is more likely to be focused, motivated, and productive; unhappy ones can hinder your company's efficiency, and it won't be long before they walk out the door. Unproductivity and high turnover rates can cost a company tons of valuable time and money. With that said, here are some effective yet inexpensive ways to boost employee morale.

1. Show your employees you care. Underappreciation can leave employees feeling unimportant and unmotivated. It's important to make your employees feel uniquely valued and show that they play a major role in reaching company goals. Showing your appreciation is one of the easiest things you can do to boost morale. You can express your appreciation by highlighting extraordinary employees at your monthly meetings, sending corporate holiday ecards for special occasions, or simply saying "Great Job".

2. Be flexible. You don't have to give your employees a big raise to boost morale and show appreciation. You can do this by being flexible. Reward diligent employees for their hard work by offering more flexible scheduling. Offer the opportunity for them to work from home or be willing to adjust their schedule when things come up, such as doctor's appointments and family matters.

3. Invest in their future. Investing in your employees' future expresses their value to the company, as well as shows that you care about their career goals. If your company is unable to offer tuition assistance for continuing education, you can offer in-house training sessions and workshops once a month for employees to enhance their skills. For ideas, ask your employees to submit some suggestions for areas where they could use some additional training.

4. Encourage feedback. Even with small and medium-sized businesses, it's common for employee issues and concerns to fall under the radar. Sometimes employees don’t feel comfortable coming to management to report problems or make suggestions. Create an environment where your staff feels comfortable offering feedback, whether negative or positive. Encouraging feedback lets employees' voices be heard, and you can utilize this feedback to improve your business. Set up a suggestion box somewhere in the office for employees who want to give feedback anonymously.

These are some simple, inexpensive ways to boost employee morale. What other ways can you keep employees happy and motivated?

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